Commercial air pilots can now use iPads during flights. Does that make you feel safer?

American Airlines has become the first commercial carrier to be given clearance by the Federal Aviation Authority to use iPads during all phases of flight, replacing the 35lbs of manuals from the original manufacturer which have to be lugged around with the aircraft everywhere it goes. According to the airline, the change will result in an estimated annual fuel saving of $1.2 million.

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Wikitravel versus Wikimedia: something is going badly wrong with the free content movement

Internet Brands, owner of the Wikitravel website, is attempting to sue two of its volunteer editors after they agreed to transfer operation of their site to the Wikimedia Foundation, the foundation which operates Wikipedia. It’s a messy business – and worrying for supporters of user-edited sites.

Wikitravel is a collaborative project to create a multilingual worldwide travel guide. It is powered by the same software as Wikipedia, and like the encyclopaedia, can be edited by anyone.

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Wikipedia reaches a turning point: it’s losing administrators faster than it can appoint them

In July this year, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales rejected the notion that the online encyclopaedia is struggling to appoint new administrators.

Wales was responding to an article in The Atlantic, which showed that since the 2007 peak of admin candidacies, the number of successful admin appointments on the English Wikipedia has diminished year after year. In 2007, a minimum of 18 editors were appointed administrators every month  – a stark contrast to the mere 20 appointed in 2012 so far.

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